Monday, 15 August 2011

A Trip Across the Channel

As is our wont, we took our August trip to France for lunch, vino, cassolet, coffee and garlic; and for the wife's birthday and to give the grand-daughter an outing. We (I) have been doing the French thing for the past 20 years or so, and the August junket for the past 8, but this was the first time we had chosen the third Monday in the month.  I had never seen so many French people on the move before.  The Hypermarket, the shops, bars, restaurants, roads, beaches were seething with holidaying French. 

The road from Boulogne to Calais was awash with parked cars, the Bars and Restaurants in the little towns were full and everywhere the people were out and about with their dogs and their children.  All was calm, all was enjoyment, no rush, no panic, just I do my thing you do yours.

What a contrast with back home.  Really we didn't have to wait to get home, some fellow countryman, with a blatant display of selfish dickheadedness decided to jump queues to get on the boat instead of just waiting his turn.  There was no reason; the Tub was half empty.  No that was too easy for Mr GB Pratt.  All he did was hold things up for the rest of us whilst it was sorted out.  After holding us up for ten minutes he was allowed on the boat, and we just followed.  With this attitude it s little wonder that we have riots.

After all is put away, the tea made, the box switched on to watch the news, and what do we have? Suddenly it as been recognised that there has been a moral decline.  It has been blatantly obvious to the mass of us actually living in the real world.  Where have our politicians lived for the past 50 years?  They have reigned whilst our industries have been destroyed and our people rendered to living on benefits and becoming workshy spongers, they have ruled whilst the wealthy and the privileged have been allowed, no encouraged, to bleed the country and sell its resources and industries abroad.  They have watched has the managers of industry have become inept at managing anything other than their own greed. 

We can no longer manage our own refuse collection or public utilities, they are run be foreigners.  The same goes most other things.  Employers seem to bypass the British and simply employ a Pole or an Albanian, or an illegal immigrant, because we can't, won't, work.  Don't ever knock the Illegal Immigrant that comes here to work, without him things would be far worse, we'd be knee-deep in our own mire.  What annoys the Government is not his presence but the fact that he is here and they can't find him to tax him.Things are that bad that we might do worse than to let Johnny Foreigner be the Government - can't be any worse.

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