Monday, 8 August 2011

Somebody's Past

It doesn't take long or cost very much to put together a little collection of photos depicting our forebears over the past 150 years or so. It matters not if it is a young maid or young buck in a pose, or a man of substance puffed up by his own self importance, an old couple looking afraid that their souls may be captured, or an old maid looking as if she has been sucking lemons, they all have one thing in common; they are all in some body's past and maybe directly responsible for us being here.  We hear that family research is on the rise, more and more of us want to know where we come from - perhaps has an antidote to not know what we are or where we're going - but theses pictures of our past are discarded by the thousand.

I intend to occasionally post little batches, with any information that may be on the original, in the hope that somebody may recognise them.

I just love the look on this old fellows face, he looks if he could be good crack in the pub.  He seems to be smiling at a little joke, something is amusing him.  Perhaps he's thinking of her and wondering if she was put into her dress and pumped up to fill every little space and make the stitches sing.

What about this old fellow, well I don't think he is that old, just grumpy looking.  Maybe he was all buoyed up to go have his photo taken and his wife told him to take the kid. He's got his back to him(?) and has a look like thunder.  I bet he was going to strike a Heroic pose so he could show it to his mates or his lady friend, but instead he's stuck with the nipper.  Live wasn't fair even back then.

A scene from a modern version of Romeo and Juliet?

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