Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday 8th. August

Event in London quite frankly leave me with mixed feelings.  Riot has long been the means by which the politically dispossessed in England vented their spleen and got their message over. This ain't the same.  The whole issue seems to have been kicked-off by a shooting by a trigger happy copper who panic stricken started shooting, and some even more ham fisted liaison work with the family.  Quite quickly the rioting seems to have forgotten it original cause and to have taken a nihilistic turn, where it was taken over by all and sundry out to pursue their own interests. This has been defended and it is argued that they (the rioters) feel aggrieved because their want and needs are ignored and they have no opportunities and they are not shown any respect.  It seems to to seek to defend the actions of local youth but it is quite apparent that many are out for criminal activities and others are well educated middle-class so-called anarchists.  All this comes has no surprise, since the 70s we have destroyed society by first denying it, and making the only measurement of success how much the individual can screw out of the rest of us. Secondly by creating the Nanny State where the people are cared for from cradle to grave and Government seeks to regulate the individual with behavioural direction instead of enforcing common sense. Where the Nanny State as had the most involvement every little non-entity has come to expect instant fulfilment without working for it.

It seems that the more Government we have the less Society there is. There is less interaction, less helping each other, less neighbourliness.  People are less happy, have little trust in their fellow man and are wracked with fear of the young in general, of paedophiles, rapists, muggers, druggies and foreigners.  Anyone over middle-age, according to the popular press, is frightened to go out when it gets dark, because they "Will be molested by the young Hoodie"  The streets have been abandoned and left for others to take them over.  If we want them back we should go and reclaim them.  Perhaps not, there is something ever so, ever so mind-numbing on the Telly.

Government should get it's claws out the backs of the people and it's hands out of their pockets.  We don't need regulation for every eventuality, in fact I sometimes think that we need just one law "Do what you know is right, and whoa betides you if you don't".  Punishment can be tailored to suit the circumstances.  Perhaps the stocks for public nuisance.

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