Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hacking Cover-ups

Am I just too, too cynical; or are these latest comments, about the recent revelations in the Screws of the Week hacking and cover-up story, actually sincere.  They seem to be greeted with surprise that a newspaper could hack into someone phone, but isn't that what they do and have done since forever.  How does it differ from acquiring information from other dodgy source - isn't the trade concerned with dishing the dirt on all and sundry- and covering it up until they're forced to pay for it.  This latest exposure only seems to differ in it depth and extent.

Of course, along side, we have the injunction and super injunction to protect the rich and famous who lie and cheat and betray those closest to them, from the muck-rakers.  I'm afraid it is just the two sides of the same festering malaise, the rot in Society, it is part of the moral decline that our politicians have suddenly discovered.

On the one side we have the indolent idle that bewail their lack of opportunity whilst decaying prostrate in their pits.  Unfortunately the only sign of ambition or get-up and go is when they riot.  On the other hand is greedy, grasping, self-seeking mass of personality that bleed the country, think they're above the law and entitled to special treatment to hide their true natures.  If the don't want exposure they should keep their flies done-up and their mouths and their legs shut, their hands out of others' pockets and their fist out of somebody Else's face.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the so-called silent majority.  We earn the wealth for the Government to tax and to pay benefits to the indolent and for the rich and famous to bleed.  We pay to see their shenanigans, we pay to see over-priced footballers, entertainers and all manner charlatan, we buy the papers that expose their indiscretions, so perhaps we are to blame.  We allow the television companies to fill our screens with pulp and pap.  We allow them to dull our senses with cheap fly on the wall shows, shows about antiques, house purchases. moving home, cooking, soaps and far worse than that we even put up with endless repeats of the same.  I often wonder how long it will be before they start repeating the news.

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