Saturday, 27 August 2011

How Do They Do That?

What keeps them up? This is a serious enquiry. I feel that there is a yawning gap in my understanding and my appreciation of sartorial styles and the cultures of minorities and age groups. As everyone knows and understands, I have a thirst for learning and I’ve always been one to reach out to the generations and to try and understand them and their culture and for the most part I get on pretty well with not only my children's age group, but also grandchildren’s. Indeed, my teenage grand kids themselves do not feel embarrassed by Granddad with his contrasting styles of dress. But now that I’m reaching that stage in life where I want trousers, Betjeman like, with a higher waistband and more bum room, I find I'm looking at some youngsters' cacks with amazement. The low slung crutch and the tight legs give every appearance that they were designed to fit a chimpanzee, but that is one thing that maybe dismissed as being purely stylistic. The positioning of the waistband is, however, something quite different. It is worn in a place that does not seem to fit with the natural shape of the human body. It is like wearing a wristwatch on the biceps or the ankle, it does the job but not very well. Are they simply kept in position by being belted and tighten below the buttocks and across the manhood, or does something else happen that escapes me? Are they comfortable being worn like that? Can you run, dance, leap, jump, climb with your breeks in that position? How do you get things out of you pockets, indeed can you carry anything of substance in your pockets? Everybody, I've noticed wearing their trews in this way, all appear to be very slim; can fat boys wear them like that? And finally, how do they pee, or do they sit like girls?

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  1. As a mother I have to stop myself from pulling their trousers up for them!