Wednesday, 10 August 2011

And now for the Post Mortem

Already the politicians are out laying the blame on all and sundry; anybody but themselves. The Tories blame Labour for 13 years in power, Labour blame the Tories for forcing cuts and changes to benefits, education, to Social Services, Community Groups, Local Authorities and the Police. The Gibbering Classes and the self appointed Voices of the Youth rant on about generations of greed and corruption.

Of course, there is an element of "truth" in all their arguments.  We have the Nanny State and Human Rights, created by Labour in an effort to protect the vulnerable, that has led to a loss of discipline and self control and an ability to help oneself. To a loss self respect and self esteem and an over whelming expectation of reward and respect for doing nothing. This in itself is not new, it has just solidified it.  Previously, it was the attitude of the indolent rich.

The Tories of Maggy's era deliberately undermined the working classes by destroying the Unions and creating the conditions for the rise of the upper-class spiv to bleed the economy and screw the people.  It denied that Society existed, insisted on the rights of the individual and set the measurement of worth as income and possessions. And, it mattered very little how or whence it came.  With it came the age of the arrogant and vulgar.  Where ego was inflated beyond ability,  Where the effects of inflation and growth were cited as reasons for 6 and 7 figure bonuses without any evidence that the Individual had made any real contribution.  Where these same arrogant spivs can blackmail government by threatening to take their services elsewhere.  Just where would they go, who wants them, certainly not us.

And of course, the gibbering classes just gibber.

Now I'm not going to deny that some truth may be found in the arguments of our political masters, that is not the problem.  Spout enough and the truth may occasionally be hit, but what to do that is a horse of a different colour.  The Nanny State failed, contributed to the malaise and when congealed with what the Tories had set in train, a situation was created where we had on the one hand, a class of Ill-educated, lazy, indolent no-hopers that expected respect and reward just for being born.  The crime that was reaped against them was that it destroyed self-respect, pride and self advancement. On the other hand it created a  class of self opinionated, greedy, self-seeking egos that got rewarded just for being.  The crime in this case was against the rest of us.  We pick up the tab for the benefits heaped on the poor and resources filched by spivery.

At their heart they show the same  regard for the rest of us or the country;  they care nothing for us only what we can be bled for.  Perhaps we need a similar concept as our American cousins ... " Unenglish Activities"

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