Friday, 5 August 2011

I've always been fascinated by Victorian and Edwardian photographs, Art and clothing style.  Also, and in spite of being an Atheist, Church Architecture.  I'm therefore going to start by combining these with another interest - family history.       

My great great grandfather came to the village in the 1840s and set up as a Blacksmith.  The business was to continue until the 1960s when his grandson Jack Burnett died.
In the Church grave yard numerous ancestors and relations lie buried

St. Michael's Church, Coxwold, Yorkshire

They were not only four wheeler church goers they took and active role. The picture shows my Great grandfather (b.r 2nd.left) Robert.  He was a Church Warden as well as a member of the choir.  Amongst the girls there are several of my father's Aunts.
In the church there is an Oak chair made Robert's father William that was, according to family legend, made with his blacksmiths Tools.  It was one of three made by William, the other two being with family members were made of Bog Oak. 
Looking at the style they appear to have been influenced by the Jacobean or Gothic  Revivals.

Inside the Church is a Plaque, commemorating Villagers that served in the First World War.  It includes my Grandfather, a Farrier in the Royal Field Artillery, his Sister Barbara who was a Nurse and was shipwrecked by a mine, and his younger Brother who was in the Dragoon Guards.

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