Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sepia Saturday 172

The Kinder Scout Trespass.
It has been a manic month so far, hence my non appearance.  This week's prompt, however, is to close to my heart for me to simply let it pass with out making some effort to high-light it, no matter how small. Also it comes and particularly opportune moment as it is the  81st. anniversary in a week or so.   Did Alan plan it that way or is it a simple coincidence?

The Kinder Scout trespass was lead by industrial workers from the factories and mills of Manchester and Sheffield, and can be said to have lead to the eventual  Freedom to Roam Act.  They sought to question why rich land-owners should have the right to deny access to some of the most picturesque country side to the enjoyment of the masses so they could shoot over it for 12 days a year.

To get a real understanding of it's role in British Working Class history and rambling, now perhaps a more middle-class pursuit, I urge you all to visit;