Monday, 19 November 2012

I've just noticed my last post was 23rd December;  It must have been some Christmas Party.

That got me thinking.  Time - strange concept looking forward ten months seem like - well ten months, but looking back it is barely 5 minutes.  I have this theory.  Time forward is unused, it is real time, measured in hours and minutes - it is the whole duration.  But, time backwards is a function of age and the memory of experiences .  The ten months since my last post is just about 1.3%. of my experiences.  And that don't seems so long.

Seriously though I must get round to posting a bit more frequently. In the time that has passed, Santa's come and gone and is getting ready to come again.  I succumb to constraints of process that made work increasingly more difficult (or pointless) and retired.  We've been away a number of times, taken hundreds of pictures, planted a couple of relatives, and attended my son's wedding.  

I've taken to going to a gym.  What I'm capable of doing, as an Old, Fat ex-Smoker, has surprised my Trainer as well as myself.  I still need to give myself a little "talking to" to get going, but quite enjoy it when I start.  I do about an hour, but this can stretch on a bit when I'm cooling down on the bicycle, if an entertaining body is working out within my eye-line.

The turning has taken a bit of a back seat to the carving.  The carving is not as immediate, but it produces a lot less dust.

Lincoln Imp in Oak

Greenman in Lime

Little Owl in Apple
I still spend time on the PC, and must get back into the Blogging mode, instead of playing cards and looking at, but seldom responding to, other people Facebook postings.  So much is going on, the New Walton Bridge (a subject I touched on a number of times) is under construction, some of the pictures I've taken are interesting or tell a story, the carving and the turning may be suitable subjects for future contributions.
If any one picks up on this, I'm pleased to meet you and hope to link up again..

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