Monday, 26 November 2012

A Reflection on Architecture

My interest in architecture has tended to concentrate on when buildings were erected with human and animal muscle-power.  It harks back to the days before hard-hats and toe-tecter boots, and Health & Safety, before steam, internal combustion and electricity was used to dig, shape and lift.  Back to when design and planning was learnt by years of experience and carried in the head.

To me this is a piece of architecture of interest;

Neolithic long barrow on Guernsey
A little early and a little exposed, but nonetheless a thing of wonderment;  how did they do that?

Egglestone Abbey 
Again a little exposed and showing the signs of poor maintenence in the past, but this allows us to view it at its most basic.

Little Moreton Hall
Requiring a little updating

Victorian Replication
Liverpool China Town 
Architechture, but not as we normally know it in the North-West
And, now for something modern.  I generally do not hold the modern with much esteem, having seen, and worked on, the construction of Offices, Factories, Tower Blocks and Houses in the sixties, I found too samey, shoddy and lacking in any real aesthetic value.  Much could not even claim a utilitiarian value.
Since the sixties, I think there has been some improvements.
The Spinnaker Tower
A spire to Mammon 
 The Liverpool Dock Building as seen in glass of the not too attractive Mann Island Building

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