Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sepia Saturday 106

Does this seem familiar?

Mithras, Persian sun god, bringer of spiritual light into darkness, he is truth, goodness and love.  In 1st Century Rome followed by Emperor, Soldier, Patrician, Artisan, Peasant, Slave for his qualities of discipline, duty, truthfulness and compassion.  His Birthday 25th December.

Saturnalia, Roman Festival 18th December to 25th December - a period of drunkenness and debauchery, in which the spiritual gives way to the carnal


Not much change in 2,000 years.

Seasonal Greetings to each and everyone.


  1. Funny! Now, I have to wonder, does the debauchery end on December 25th now or is that when is starts, ending on Jan 2?

    Merry Christmas Mike.

  2. Liz, at my age it doesn't realy matter. As for as Saturnalia is concern I'd only dribble and fall asleep; or fall asleep and dribble. Mithras seems like a nice chap, the sort of person you would like your daughter to bring home.

    Have a good Christmas Liz


  3. This doesn't seem familiar to me.

  4. How do I answer this? Not allowed to drink any more and viagra's not permitted either. I suppose I'll just have to be a Christmas gourmet,

    Merry Christmas, Mike.

  5. Oh well Happy Birthday to Mithras.

  6. Yup, looks like my neighborhood on Christmas! All merry merry and what have you.

  7. Whoa! Missed that Merry merry, happy happy!

  8. Not much has changed at all Mike. And perhaps there was a Greek God of dieting (would it be a deity I wonder?) who had a birthday in the first couple of weeks of January. A Happy New Year to you and yours.