Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sepia Saturday 104

Alan's theme this week shows a photograph of pre WW1 Bavarian Aristocrats, he doesn't say if they are connected to the British Royal family and I haven't checked - probably are - Victoria's brood was related to everyone.

I've decided not to go for the obvious and select a rival  bunch of upper class inbreds, dying of genetic failure, but rather to concentrate on what makes a Bavarian unique amongst Germanics and that is Weisswurst - the White Sausage.

Bavaria is on the Weisswurstaquator; on the Bavarian side White Sausage (75 million per year in Munich alone) and the other side nary a one.    The weisswurst appeared on the scene about in Munich about 150 years ago, and since then it has been consumed with a vengeance. So much so that it now considered part of the Bavarian identity.

The life of the weisswurst is very short and they will quickly go off.  It is for this reason they are traditionally eaten for breakfast or before noon - the weisswurst should never hear the sound of church bells, so it is said.

It is accompanied by Pretzels and sweet Bavarian mustard, washed down with Weissbier.

They are served floating in a pot of heated water and are eaten skinless. For the traditionalist, the sausage is eaten by cutting off the end and sucking out the meat.  The more fastidious, split the beast and slice out the flesh into bite size pieces with a fork.

I can understand why it hasn't managed to break out of the Bavarian borders;  beer and sausage and mustard for breakfast - not really.  Beer, and then sausage for supper, now you are talking.

Gruess Gott.


  1. It does not look appetising to me. Lincolnshire pork sausages - now that's something I'll always savour.

  2. I thought it sounded good until I read how it had to be eaten.

  3. The pretzl and the beer look OK, but not for Breakfast. The sausage doesn't look particularly appetizing at any time of day unless you've had copious quantities of the Weissbier. I think I might prefer the French Breakfast: Cafe Noir, Congac and a Gauloise (except that I've stopped smoking)

  4. Yum! I have no qualms about tackling that tasty sausage. This post made me hungry...

  5. As the infamous Jim Morrison once said "I woke up this morning and I got myself a sausage, pretzel, mustard and beer..."

  6. A white sausage doesn't look appetizing to me, before or after chruch bells ring.

  7. I agree with Linda, that made me hungry as I have not had breakfast. Probably won't have sausage and beer though. It looks good I must say.

  8. I've never seen these before ... it sounds kind of good for Happy Hour, but that is probably too late in the day for the sausage's shelf life.

    This is a fun post, I learned stuff and you made me smile. Happy Sepia Saturday, and take care.

    Kathy M.

  9. Oh my, I remember these sausages. A man from Munich told me I had to try them when in Munich. I tried, but could not stomach them. Perhaps they were just really bad sausages, but I've never forgotten them.