Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sepia Saturday 95

I'm sticking to the obvious this week because I like the clothing styles and I was once an activist - it also saves brain power. Alan's image has rather well-dressed dour (or is it sour) faced women demonstrating for social rights, which presumably included suffrage.

It appears to have been an international phenomenon from the late 19th. century through the first two or three decades of the 20th.  Alan started with Continental Women and so shall we.

With French Style

British Stiff Upper
(...the Valley of Never ??? - anyone know?)                         

Where Europe Marched; America Rode for the most part

 White Women March

 Segregated Suffragettes
And the men!!


  1. The girl on the horse is well dressed. The last photo is funny, I didn't know those headquarters existed as well.

  2. An eclectic of images. It's going to be an interesting journey to see everyone's take on the theme this week. By the way your link on Alan's Sepia Saturday linky widget isn't correct.

  3. A wonderful set of images - but I especially like the last one which for all the world seems to show a group of gents lined up in a gents toilet. (By the way Mike, if you put a revised link up I will get rid of the first one)

  4. A nice collection of images. My favorite is the march with the baby in the center.

  5. Interesting set of images but the last one is the best.

  6. Ah looks like we both used the same image with the baby. :-) I also like the last one for its irony.

  7. Over the pass of by-and-by
    You go to the Valley of Never.

    I love it!

  8. Had I seen your post first, I would have omitted the Official Procession from my post. It didn't entirely fit but I couldn't resist it because it so closely matched the theme photo in character.

    Interesting set of images - I love the photos from all around the world. It must have been an interesting time.

  9. Somehow the images describe better than words the immense effort it took to achieve each level of social justice. Photos of the recent struggles in the Middle East will likewise one day become iconic images.

  10. What a wonderful collection you have given us! Thank you.

    Kathy M.

  11. Its Something I've Never Thought About Before.But did Women in The States Have Segregated Marches?And,If They Did,How Ironic!