Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blogs Unite

Comments on Sepia Saturday Posts, over the past two weeks, set me rummaging through old family photos.
SS96 featured a group of Soldiers in India sometime in the 1920s,  and included my Grandfather, whilst  SS97 referred to my old, and now demolished, Infant School.
Amongst the old images I found this old school photo of my Father and his class-mates at the army school India.

My father is the second from the left in the back row.  I think that all these children must be the sons and daughters of the Sergeants appearing in SS96, because, at that time, I do not think that other ranks were allowed to bring their wives with them when posted abroad, and Officers would send the offspring to Boarding school or have private tutors.  Next time I have the two photos together I must try and match them to their Fathers.  Some look quite obvious, others not so.


  1. That does bring them nicely together doesn’t it? For one awful moment I thought three of them were amputees; victims of some hideous ritual, then I realised they had their arms behind their backs :)

  2. Nell, I'd often thought there was something odd about the kids in the front row, and it is just as you say, they look armless.