Friday, 14 December 2012

Sepia Saturday 156


The Kiss, a much used title in the Arts, in poetry, in photography,

Alfred Eisenstaedt
 offering reality, but often staged
in paintings

in Sculpture
Constantin Brancusi
The Kiss is seen as the most sensitive of human acts
 and also one of lust and carnality, 
one of friendship and of peace
 and also betrayal 
At this time of the year, it has become confused in the mythology of Christmas and with kissing under Mistletoe [(Viscum album) of the order Santalales (a purely coincidental similarity to Santa)]

Whilst, kissing under the mistletoe recieved much publicity in the Victorian period with advances in reading and printing, it is much older. It was extremely popular in the 15th and 16th Centuries, but its origin go back much further.  Many associate the origin with the Norse myths and the slaying Baldr the Beautiful.
In the Britain mistletoe has always been associated with Druids, who are believed to have held it in great esteem especially when it was found on sacred Oaks.
  The oak is an infrequent host fot the mistletoe and where it occurred the mistletoe was believed  to be endowed with extra magical powers.  It was cut from the boughs of the tree with a golden sickle and let fall to be caught in in a hide or a blanket.  If they failed to catch it and it fell to earth, it's powers would immediately be dissapated.


  1. The kiss of betrayal -- I didn't see that one coming!

  2. What a great collection of kisses. I particularly like the Marge and Homer Simpson kiss.

  3. Really, I like/love them all, staged or not. Great collection!

  4. I recognise a number of these from the research I did for this and an earlier post. Fine collection.

  5. I'd even be grateful for a kiss under the mistletoe. Where do people get the idea that divorced women live a lusty life?

    1. I can only manage a cyber-kiss - now make a face like an Aardvark, close your eyes, and .....feel

      That was nice.

  6. That one of the lady in the blue dress and the man with a feather in his cap - that was on one of the cards I sent home to my husband from Norway. masterful array of kisses.

  7. A great medley that went above and beyond the theme to catch the alternate meanings too.

  8. As satisfying as a mince pie. A great collection of interesting facts and splendid images.

  9. What a great post! I have to say that I'd never thought about the "kiss" from any historical viewpoint -- again, I've learned a lot!

  10. And not an annoying air kiss amongst them. I do so hate the phony kiss kiss in the air that seems to have become the fashion amongst people you really don't even want to shake hands with.