Thursday, 24 November 2011

You wait here, I'll get the car.

I was browsing through some old pictures of Derbyshire that I got online - not sure why, I think I was after Gloucestershire and hit the wrong number, but still they're quite nice.

This image of Bakewell reminded me of the time that I took my late Mother and the wife to Derbyshire and we went round the Town

As is usual, we had a fair amount of in and out of the shops.  One included a Household goods shop, it had things that were old and new, things that I knew not with which to do.  Whilst I was left to gaze in awe, in wonderment, the ladies were planning my downfall, they had bought, this great big heavy set, no not a set, my wife buys crockery in 12s, of platters, bowls and plates, for me to carry back to the car.

Back then I had a five-door Mondeo. Plenty of room for two of us, or even three or more, but I was used to going loaded with enough outfits for occasions from expeditioning up the equatorial Amazon to Antarctic trekking and coming back with even more.

I have lugged things large and small, but this time there was no chance, the stuff was loaded into four plastic bags and weighed so much that the handles stretched and hummed with tension.  The car was only about four hundred yards away, but if I'd tried to carry this lot I'd have needed an iron-lung or ended up in the proverbial Box.  My arms would have been like those of the gibbon.

You wait here, I'll get the car


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  2. It is years since I went to Bakewell but I too remember shopping there - at the market I think. Strange our our memories can be defined by pain as well as pleasure.