Thursday, 8 September 2011

Something for the Weekend?

I'm away up north to visit my Brother in Cumbria for a couple of weeks and may not be able to Post anything unless I can get access his PC.

I see, in the News, that the English language is again being subjected to revision  with the meanings of words  being changed.  Suddenly, an Entrepreneur is no longer an enterprising individual who takes risks with their own resources in the pursuit of a profit, but a speculator receiving exorbitant commissions and bonuses for taking risks with somebody else's money. In fact we are being made to believe it is anyone with an income that attracts the 50 pence tax rate. It appears that they are not happy paying 50 pence rate and want to take their bat and ball and go home -  No, No; I mean,  leave the country.  May I suggest 60 or 70 pence and an open door policy.  I'd sooner have a poorer country with people who are proud to live here than a rich one where some have to be paid to stay.

Incidentally, I was watching something on the television a few days ago, that suggests that people with psychopathic tendencies are four time higher amongst captains of industry, in the Boardroom and in the financial markets. They tend to be charismatic rising to the heights and able to talk up a storm, but when analysed in the longer term prove to be poor achievers because they lack the ability to be team players.  They are unable to empathise with anybody else and pursue only their own interests.

It could explain one or two problems don't you think?


  1. I am sure we must be related. You see I agreed with every word you said and that means we must share a little bit of the same genetic code, surely? Have you got a passion for chips and beer by any chance, it really would be spooky if you had. Related or not - well said.

  2. Alan,

    Yes to chips but on a diet, and really yes, yes to beer.

    As I said we come from the North York Moors around the Pickering area, and we had family move to the West - so you never know.


    PS, Reached the Bro's house, made connection - had an experience with BMW on way up - will Post later